CATERING - Gifts & Favors
Flourless Almond Stars
Macademia Nut Cookie and
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
Christmas Cookie Platter
starting at $40
Easter Platter - Sugar Cookies
Box /1 dozen
starting at $10
Flourless Chocolate or Lemon Squares
Gingerbread Cookie / 4 inch
$2 each
Gift presentation options: boxes, baskets, individual wrapping / favors
Birthday Box
2 dozen*
starting at $25
Christmas/Valentine Box
2 dozen*
starting at $30
Christmas Box
2 dozen*
starting at $30
Christmas Box
2 dozen*
starting at $30
Valentine Mini Boxes
starting at $5
Baby Shower/Wedding favors
Appreciation Boxes
Linzer Cookies
Basket of Linzer Cookies

Gift Platter
starting at $20
Almond Cookie with almond filling, Walnut Cookie with walnut filling, Hazelnut Cookie
Christmas/Holiday Selection
*Approx. cookie count (depending on cookie type/size)
Price depends on quantity and choice of cookies. For a custom price quote please contact or call us at 781.864.1508
MINIMUM ORDER: $25 plus delivery