Tatiana's Treats started in 2011 with the help of family and friends encouraging me to step into the baking business. After many years of baking for holidays, birthdays and social events, people were always impressed with my attention to detail, organic style cooking and extreme passion resulting in delicious recipes.

My passion for baking came as I was a child sitting with my Mom in the kitchen to help create and decorate delicious cookies, cakes, and kolace in Slovakia. My Mother and I would spend endless hours in the kitchen preparing, experimenting and laughing together about what recipes we were going to bake and which family member would eat the most. Every Sunday Mom and I spent hours and hours creating beautiful meals and desserts for our family. These times in the kitchen were always full of laughter and enjoyment as we baked side by side.

My grandmother had her own farm in the backyard. I learned at a very young age how to milk a cow and make my own fresh butter. My grandmother’s garden had all fresh produce without any chemicals or pesticides. We used to grow our own vegetables and fruits so we would not have to rely on store products. We were very frugal and made the best recipes out of what we had in our garden and shared with everyone.

Many of my recipes on this web page came from my Mother's Slovak kitchen. Generations of Slovak recipes and hours spent in the kitchen has led to the business and development of Tatiana’s Treats.

I encourage you to peruse through my website and see the numerous selections of cookies and cakes to choose from. I hope you will try and enjoy my old recipes. I would like to bring through my baking a piece of Europe from my home to yours.


Sampling in Whole Foods, Andover MA
Christmas Fair in Rowley MA
Gloucester Indoor Farmers Market